I bring order to chaos.

I am a data based product designer. As a multipotentialite, I currently wear these hats:

I lead the design vision of the artificial intelligence - powered data labelling platform, Alegion

I teach a graduate level class on data visualization in UofM School of Information online Data Science program. See official lecturer profile

I am solving gender disparity, by the efficient labor distribtion at home. See website

My expertise is resolving issues due to

  • Legacy systems
  • Acquisitions
  • Goal reorganization

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Product philosophy

Woman dreaming

Dream first

I prefer to write down my press release even before formalizing a product requirement document.

Less is more

Reduce work

People don't like labor, so more than aiming to please, I aim to reduce work for users.

An ear illustration

Feedback is a gift

Actively collect feedback, and listen to users from every channel possible.

Illustration of Ambiguity

Ambiguity is opportunity

It may seem uncomfortable, but ambiguity is birthing ground for innovation and brlliance.

Business -> Design mental model

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