Hi, My name is Deepti, which means "light✨"

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Now that you are here, let me tell you my story. I grew up with the dream of building something, something that can be used by a lot of people. Starting to build basic websites gave me a taste of that power. So, I thought building software could be my calling. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering in 2016, where I learned the fundamentals of development. It was time to put learnings into application. Then I joined a startup, Tapzo, and built an iOS app used by over 4M users. I independently developed various product horizontals and the SDK for third parties.

I learned iOS development, SDK development, web development, some backend development, and client management. It seemed to me that my childhood dream was complete, I had arrived what I had set out for, but it didn’t feel like it. When I did a SWOT analysis of that feeling, I inferred that I had only learned the HOW of building software, not the WHYs. So I set out to learn why does anyone build a product, what makes a product better than the others, what is the thought that goes into making a product as it finally turns out.

So I started applying to Human-Computer Interaction graduate track degrees all across the world. When I heard back from the University of Michigan, I was ecstatic as it is one of the best HCI programs. When I came here, I learned user-centered design, user psychology, and principles of software design based on different aspects, such as education or entertainment. I learned interaction design, the art of interviewing users and translating user pain points into application features. Using research methodologies such as stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis and heuristic evaluation, I learned how deeply technology is intertwined with human psychology. I noticed the shift in my thought from whether I can build something to whether I should build it at all.

In spite of being an introvert on a personal level, I am trying to be an extrovert in professional contexts. As I teach my classes, work in teams and lead teams, I try to be more socially approachable and available. I want to hone my leadership skills and have had the privilege of being the small select leadership cohort at the University. Now I am looking to expand my curiosity from how software applications work to also how physical constituents and organizations work.

I also strongly believe in giving back to the communities I connect with, and the one closest to my heart is the female community. I am passionate about woman empowerment, eradication of crimes against women, and equality in general. These works, like the rest of my journey, is an ongoing process. If you want to know more about my journey, or discuss any collaboration idea, contact me at deeptip@umich.edu. I am always up for a chat.