Entrepreneurs Leadership Program

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I was fortunate to be selected into the 5th cohort of ELP, select program for students to hone functional, managerial, and leadership skills related to entrepreneurship. During the year 2020, I collaborated with the founders and other executives of many startups and VC firms. I learned about how businesses run, and how startups succeed and fail. I studied various case studies to learn from venture stories. While pursuing this program, I secured an internship with the decision management platform, Birdie and founded Sabka.

Case Studies

During the course of this program, I got to get familiar with many case studies of innovators, and then got to analyse some of them of my choice to demonstrate my take on them. Here is one such example of my analysis.


Learning and sharing was paramount during this program. I got reflect on my prior work in the startup ecosystem and articulate them in a blog post. The University of Michigan(Go Blue) published this piece on the official website. Read my learnings from the startup ecosystem here.


I broadened my networked through this program and made connections with people and companies in various workspaces. These meaningful connections helped me learn the values and subtleties of risk taking in the enterpreneurial space. During February 25th to March 7th, right before we realised the scope of the covid-19 pandemic, our cohort took the global trek. We visited the leading ventures such as Halcyon, Rise of the Rest and Carmera. During this trek, I connected with the founders, tackled innovation challenges, learned how to pitch, and in one case, even suggested a real time solution.

Capstone Project: The final showdown

As the capstone project for this program, I founded Sabka, a complementary learning management system to enhance student engagement with faculty and amongst each other that works on both mobile and flaky internet connection aimed at reducing the digital divide and student truancy that the COVID 19 pandemic has brought upon us. Read more here.